Katherine Bazak

I am a painter and have taught painting and life drawing for 35 years.  I received my MFA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin.  As an artist and a viewer I have always been interested in photography as an art form.  I also love to travel and to see and experience new cultures and environments.  I use my camera to record these moments.

Traveling to Burma was very special because we were seeing a country in transition,  trying to move from a repressive military dictatorship towards a modern democracy.

mt popa ceremony      Myingaba farm      swedegon elephant 2

Cathy Cakebread

I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember, from my Kodak Brownie, and Polaroid Swinger to my digital Nikon D7000 and now my iPhone5. Photography has provided me with a chance to see our world in a different way, to note the details and the wonders of nature, to take the time to appreciate a beautiful sunset and how the sunlight filters through the petals of a flower. And, to notice the texture of a rock, the jewel of pebbles on the beach and the sand as it squishes between my toes. I grew up in Northern California and am a high tech consultant.

Our recent trip to Burma took me out of my comfort zone of never photographing people. The children were so beautiful and welcoming that I could not resist. The best part was their peals of joy when I shared their photos with them.


Barbara Buchholz Collins

Details, patterns and the play of light and shadow catch my eye. The camera is a 3rd eye, recording images that I interpret in post production. I travel internationally fairly often. It is a privilege to be able to witness and compare the differences and similarities among various peoples. Travels to Myanmar and Cuba have been an important part of this experience. I began exploring darkroom photography while an undergraduate in graphic design. Later, I was introduced to digital photography at Foothill College. Modernbook Gallery, Triton Museum,  Crocker Art Museum, Joyce Gordon Gallery, SF City Hall, Fototeca de Cuba and KCI Gallery are among the venues where my images have been exhibited.

Novitiate Monks, Shwe Yan Pyae Monastery      Before the Flight, Bagan      3 Macaque Monkeys, Mt Popa

Michael Collins

Having traveled extensively for business and on his own, Mike has developed an interest in recording the visual impressions of the places he has visited. After occasional attempts to do high quality photography, he started to become more serious about the process when digital photography became a credible alternative to film, about 15 years ago. The control and ability to post process your own photos stimulated a much greater interest. He purchased his first serious (film) SLR when he was just a few months out of collage. While the film equipment was high quality, the time involved in doing quality work conflicted with a busy work schedule. With the incredible convenience of digital photography, there is time to explore many more ideas and to be much more creative.

moonshine1      Inle_mrkt      Inle_lotus

Harlan Crowder

I began making photographs when I was a kid growing up in Dallas. I documented camping trips and family events, and made lots of pictures of my dog. My first recognition for photographic achievement was my Boy Scout merit badge in photography.

I’ve been a Computer Geek most of my adult life with several careers in the information technology industry. I like using digital photography and imaging to make pictures.

I live and work in Silicon Valley.

Four_Boats[blog-crowder]      Lunch[blog-crowder]      Yangon_Dusk[blog-crowder]

Lorraine Crowder

Lorraine Crowder was born in New York, but has lived in Northern California for almost 40 years.  After retiring from 35 years of teaching special needs students, she was inspired to take up photography and book arts at Foothill College in Los Altos. In addition to taking pictures and making books, Lorraine also enjoys mentoring new teachers, gardening, reading, yoga, and travel. Most recently Lorraine traveled to Myanmar.  The two-week trip, led by Foothill College Photography Professor Ron Herman, provided great material for some new books.

Lorraine_01      Lorraine_02      Lorraine_03

Evelyn D’Alessandro

I am a realtor and I live in Mendham, N.J. I have traveled extensively around the world. I enjoy taking trips that focus on photography because they give you a strong visual sense of your surroundings.  My interests include photographing people and architecture.

emarketw      emonksw      emarket2w

Lisa D’Alessandro

I live in Los Altos, CA and I am a business and art consultant. Until recently I spent many years working at Hewlett-Packard as a marketing and strategy executive working with teams around the world. I became serious about photography in my twenties when I took a trip around the world for a year. Since then my camera is a constant companion when I travel. I especially enjoy taking pictures of people.

lmanscalew      ltwogirlsw      lgirlbasketw

Ann Eddington

Ann is a graphic designer and photographer. A lifelong traveler, she is drawn to places that are not anchored to the global modern culture. Fascinated by the growing gap that exists between the past and the present, she gravitates towards places where the past can still be witnessed. Burma is one of those places.

MandalayBridge      Brothers      Tatoo

Karen Hensman

Karen Hensman has enjoyed taking photographs since she got her first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, around age 12.   Although she loved printing in the darkroom, she transitioned to digital equipment 8 years ago.  The themes of her work center around travel, landscape, nature and portraits.  Form, composition and balance influence her photographs.  Her images capture her observations of nature and the environment around us.  Her photographs capture a sense of place and evoke an emotional response from the viewer, conveying something memorable in something ordinary that others may just be passing by.


Ron Herman

Ron Herman received his MFA in Photography from the University of Notre Dame, and afterwards worked in commercial photography, where he photographed for Polo Ralph Lauren and Spiegel. Ron’s work is exhibited internationally and included in such permanent collections as the Fototeca de Cuba; Kinsey Institute; Snite Museum of Art; and the South Bend Regional Museum of Art. He is an award-winning instructor, and has lectured on his work and digital imaging technologies at Cornell, Stanford, and Yale universities.  Ron is a Professor of Photography at Foothill College, where he has been teaching since 1997. He has been organizing travel tours for photo enthusiasts since 2001. Previous destinations have included: Cuba, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Myanmar, Peru, and Spain.

For information on his next photo trip, go to:

Monk Peace Sign (2 of 1)      Sleeping Child (2 of 1)      Monk Hands (2 of 1)

Bob Mazawa

Bob is a retired Engineering Manager in Semiconductor Chip Design.  He’s had a interest in photography since his college days at the University of Illinois.  Upon retirement, he immersed himself into the Photography program at Foothill College.

Bob’s first love is Black & White Landscape photography, natural and urban.  The Burma trip provided the unique experience of photographing a country and people with one foot in a world from a half-century ago and the other in the present fast moving world.  He found the Burmese people to be warm and welcoming, a joy to photograph.


Melinda Miller

Melinda Miller is a fourth generation Californian who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but resettled to Seattle, Washington after a temporary two-month job stretched to twenty years. She is now a Washington-based photographer who specializes in travel photography and connecting art and issues of social equality. She studied Art at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Photography at DeAnza College in California and the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle. She was a founding member of PEACE, an annual exhibition of creative works by public employees that was started after the events of 9/11 to refocus creative energies after the trauma of that global experience and has exhibited her photographs in nine of the past eleven exhibitions. She recently curated a successful two-month long exhibition at the Port of Seattle Headquarters titled “Purposeful Surfaces: Working Artists Paint the Working Waterfront. She also works in the public sector in Sustainable Business Development and looks forward to continuing to blend her artistic endeavors with the practical efforts of creating a better world.

_B020694      _B020824      _B091722

Susan Neville

I found intriguing parallels between my trips to Cuba and this recent one to Burma. They are both countries where the people seem welcoming, open and happy in spite of severe economic deprivations and a history of military repression.  I like to photograph people in their element and I’m also drawn to architectural detail.  Color, texture and geometry figure into most of my compositions.  I have exhibited photographs at Modernbook Gallery in San Francisco and Foothill College.

_1300038      P1310086      _1300568

Sandy O’Gorman

Sandy is a native Californian, Human Resources Executive and avid iPhone photographer.

Weaver      Net      Fisherman

Don Wheatley

Don Wheatley began making photographs as a child growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and studied photography in college.  He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in International Business and has been working for nearly twenty years in the aviation industry.  When the opportunity to travel to Burma with Professor Ron Herman presented itself, he was the first to sign up.  Don found inspiration in the ancient temples, quiet villages, crowded markets and bustling city streets of this ethnically and geographically diverse country, that is only now emerging from decades of isolation and political oppression.


Kate Winn-Rogers

Kate Winn-Rogers has a degree in Nursing and a Masters in Health Service Administration. She has had a varied career in the healthcare arena working in the insurance, rehabilitation and employee benefits fields. Having spent 25 years living and working in Europe, travel has always been a significant part of her life. She enjoys exploring different places and learning about the culture through the people, the cuisine and the architecture.

She began exploring photography when an opportunity to travel to Burma with a group of photographers came into her life at a perfect moment; just as she began her retirement from the working world. During her trip Kate found Burma to be a country in rapid transition from a previous century to the wonders of the modern world and found the people to be warm and welcoming, despite the tales of political oppression. This juxtaposition of old and new gave her a chance to photograph the people and places of Burma / Myanmar on eve of what is to come. This new passion for photography enriches her life and gives Kate a chance to combine her love of travel and also to record it for others to experience through the lens of her camera.

Modern-Burmese-Man      Morning-Mist-at-Bagan      Electric-Budah


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